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Contribution Letter Samples

This is a contribution letter sample. The contribution letter samples are primarily written to request the reader of the letter to contribute for some cause. These kinds of letters should have a direct address to the reader of the letter. These letters are written to ask or to request for monetary help from the reader of the letter. The monetary help in such kind of letters should be requested and never demanded from the reader of the letter. The purpose for which the letter is written should be stated clearly in the letter.


Mr. Robin Potter,


ABC Company,



(Subject)- Contribution letter samples.

Dear Mr. Robin,

Hello my name is Mr. Harry Stephenson. I am the member of the XYZ group. Our group is a group who works for social purpose. We are actively involved in many social service activities. We undertake many social projects in a year. Many big people fund us for our work. This year we have a plan of building a hospital in the backward area.

This hospital will be a charitable hospital. This is set up with a purpose of giving free and good medical help to the poor and the needy people of the backward area. We had almost arranged for the fund which is required for the building of the hospital. Thus we need some contribution from your side.

We hope you will consider our letter and help us.

Your’s sincerely,

Mr. Harry Stephenson.

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