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Professional Introduction Letter

Summary: A professional introduction letter makes introducing a person to another personal. Through this, you can be detailed in doing your introduction and both parties will be able to know each other somehow. If you would like to introduce a friend to another friend for a business deal, please check this sample that we have made for this purpose.

Jane Smith,

Smith Group of Companies

12 Jully 2009

Mr. Shiela Bright,


LOTUS Limited,

IT Park, Manila

Dear Ms. Bright,

It is my honor to present to you one of my close friends and a business partner Ms. Bety Short. We have known each otherfor quite some time and it was an honor for me to be associated with her professionally.

She has a chain restaurant chain in the whole of UK and she has gained success in her business deals. N ow, she has thought of doing an expansion for her business for it to be global and has decided to open a branch in Manila. It is by her request that I amintroducing her to possible business collaborates in manila. She has already heared about you and she is very excited to meet you and discuss to you about your venture.

Wee will be very greatful if you will find time to meet her and explore some ways werein you help her in her plans. By the end of the month, she will be here in Manila and she said that she would just get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Jane Smith,


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