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Invitation Letter

A function, personal or official, is incomplete without people attending it and to make sure that people attend it, one needs to send an Invitation Letter. An Invitation Letter is a source through which people are informed about a celebration of an occasion. This letter can speak volumes for the person sending it.

The tone of the letter should be such that the person receiving it should actually feel invited. The letter should be carefully worded and drafted to make sure that all relevant information has been mentioned in it. An Invitation Letter complete in all respects is a perfect letter. The points that should be mentioned in the letter are the occasion, date, venue, time and dress code, if any. The flow of the letter should also read smooth so one information should follow the other.

A decorative Invitation Letter always looks more appealing than the regular official type letter. But careful use of colors needs to be done for it to even look presentable. One can be creative while making out the Invitation Letter. For example, a more decorative font or a different shape of the invite may also be used.


  • An Invitation Letter should sound inviting for the recipient
  • It can be written in a more creative way as compared to the other letters
  • The letter should have all necessary information for the recipient to know all possible details s/he ought to know
  • The occasion, date, venue and time are the essentials in the Invitation Letter
  • If there is any other bit of information that needs to be shared with the invitee, the Invitation Letter is the place for it to be. For example, please do inform if there is any dress code or something for the occasion
  • For anybody to confirm her/his presence or absence for the function it is absolutely necessary to give the contact details of the sender
  • Be as colorful and creative as you can be to make the invitation look as inviting as the occasion itself


(This is an invitation for a 25th Wedding Anniversary party)

Dear ____________ (Name of invitee)

We have reached a milestone in our marriage as we celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary on _______________ (date). We would like to celebrate this special day with you and would like you to please join us for cocktails and dinner on this day at ______________ (venue) from ____________ (time).

We hope you can join us in our celebration and make it even more special for us.

Best regards,

(Name of the couple who is sending the invite)

PS: The dress code for the occasion is silver party formals.

RSVP: ______________ (number)

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