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Invitation Letter For Fund Raising




Subject: – Invitation for fund raising

Dear Mr/Mrs

We will cordially like to invite you for the fund raising ceremony for our organization which helps in providing health and educational facilities for the AIDS affected children.

The ceremony will be held on________ (Date) in the premises of__________ (Place) from ___________to_________ (time). Many dignitary including Ministers, officials have agreed to the grace the occasion with their presence.

AIDS has become a social stigma in our society often leading to isolation of the patients. The social discrimination combined with poor health condition plays havoc with their life especially children. We as an organization try to provide the relief and funds for those people in form of education and health facilities.

The event has been organized to raise fund and increase awareness in this regard. Any monetary or financial help will be appreciated.

Kindly be present at the function.

Thank you.



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