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Sample Job Invitation Letter

Summary: An invitation letter for a job is considered a personal way to congrtatulate a successful applicant for getting a job. It should satate the name of the company as well as the position that was offered. If you are to write a job invitation letter, be sure to make it right by following the sample we have made for you.


Rose Brown,

34, West St.


25th February, ‘09.

Dear Ms. Brown,

Congratulations for having been chosen as the new (Poject Supervisor) for our company, (Hitech Software Corp). During our deliberation, we have seen your credentials to be perfect for this job. We believe that you can be an asset to our company. I am pretty sure that you will enjoy your stay with us since we always see to it that we balance work and life outside work. In our company, we have series of scheduled activities that each employee must participate as a form of team building.

It is my priviledge to formally welcome you to the company and I wish you goodluck for your new job. The whole management as well as the staff are very happy and eager to meet you. We have already informed the people who will be working under your supervisory team. They are all trusted employees in the company so you need not worry about them.

If you have some questions ar any clarifications on this matter please dont hesitate to call me.

Congratulations once again.

Best Regards,

Respectfully Yours,

(Rita Fling)

(HR Director)

(Hitech Software Corp.)

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