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Academic Appeal Letter

This letter is written to appeal to someone. Letter should be formal, polite, simple and concise. Explain what exactly you need and why in details. Make recipient believe that you deserve help. Thank for their time and show you expecting reply soon.



Neil R Adams

628 Hillside Street

Phoenix AZ 85003

January 26, 2011



Manuel M Rose

965 Traders Alley

Raytown MO 6433


Dear Mr. Rose,

I’m writing this to appeal to you to reconsider my academic suspension and give me new chance to complete my Master’s in Biology. I had personal problems and couldn’t prepare well for that exam. My parents had to leave and I was alone with 5 year old sister who is very ill. Because I had to work, take care of my sister and study same time which was impossible I failed.

If you could give second chance I would really appreciate and prove you didn’t waste your time on reading this.

Hope to hearing from you soon.



Neil R Adams


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