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Correction Letter – Sample Correction Letter


Mr/Mrs __________


Date __________

Subject: – Correct an official’s mistake on your taxes.

Dear Mr/Mrs

This is with regard to the taxes to be paid by me in the financial year 2009-2010. I would like to the bring to your attention that the amount to be paid by me as tax has been misquoted in the documents provided to me on________(Date).There are many small mistakes in the document as stated below.

1). The advance tax paid by me has not been taken into consideration.

2). There is little mistake of 0.2% in the calculation of house loan which is mentioned as 5.6% instead of 5.4%.

3). Three unnecessary taxes for which I am not qualified are mentioned in the list.

4). The net income is also misquoted i.e. Rs 45250 instead of Rs 42550.

Due to above mistake net tax is calculated to Rs________ which should have been_________.

Kindly correct the mistakes at the  earliest possible and supply new documents so that I can pay taxes on time.


Name _____________


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