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Departure Letter- Sample Departure Letter

Dear Board Members,

Today I take the opportunity to inform you that retiring from the post of the director of the company. I have served ten long years in this company and regret that I will not be working anymore and contributing to the company.

I would like to thank all the board members and all my colleagues who have expressed their support to me. I am grateful to each of the employee and the staff who have done their bit of contribution in the success of this company .I have spent some really rewarding and encouraging years with ___________.I have always loved my job and will miss all my coworkers .I am delighted that _________ will join as the director of the company have great confidence in him and I know that under his guidance and support the company will achieve success. His leadership and innovative ideas have always kept us ahead with other competitors. He is one of the best choice as my successor and I take this as an opportunity to the wish him good luck and congratulations for his new responsibilities. Last date of departure is ____________.

I wish all the employees and staff of ______________ a successful future ahead.


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