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Sample HR Cover Letter

An application for a position in the Human Resources department of a company is a formal letter written to make an official application for the post. Positions in HR can be important and of great power and responsibility if the start in the department is good. This is ensured by starting off with a good application. Application letters to HR departments must contain stress on the person’s abilities that are specific to what is required for Human Resources.

Some times to write a good HR application cover letter:

1. Be clear and concise and polite. Maintain a confident tone throughout the letter. The recipient must know that along with having all the right credentials, you also have the right attitude and the outlook that is required for a job in HR.

2. Never be over-confident. Always be modest with your past successes, if there are any. Stress on the company’s impressive feats and your ability to contribute to them. Make sure you get it across to the recipient that you are willing to work very hard.

3. Make sure you apply slightly competitive. HR departments do not require a lot of competitiveness, however, a little bit of the same is still required.


HR Cover Letter Sample











Subject: Application for post in Human Resources

Respected Sir/Madam,

I’m writing to apply for the position of Human Resources manager in your company. I believe I am well-suited for this job and I hope I will be successful in getting this position. I have worked as an assistant HR manager with ABC corp. for three years and I believe I am experienced enough for the post.

I am good with establishing rapports and guaranteeing good performances. That was very much my specialty in my past job. I am proficient at organizing introductory conferences and making sure the recruited staff functions well and delivers the goal maintained.

I hope you will consider my qualifications as well the letter inside. I thank you for your time and patience.

Yours sincerely,



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