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Praise Letter – Sample Praise Letter

Dear Name,

_________________ Company is proud to tell you that your son has been selected as the salesperson of the year. He is very dedicated and hardworking and has always stood ahead in all his work. He has been a very enthusiastic employee and always likes to excel in whatever he does. We are sure that the achievement he received is because of the strength and support from his family.

From the day he joined the company he excelled in his performance and is an employee who is well known not alone in his department but the entire company. He has always been a person who participated in all the cultural activities and work which were out of his responsibilities. He is first employee who is getting this award at such a young age. He is one of the most liked employees and ready to take up any challenges and gives his best in all his work.

It’s very difficult for anyone to get such success without family support and as a token of thanks to family we are providing him with a week’s paid leave so that you can spend some good time together.


Your name

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