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Employment Reference Letter


To make an employment reference letter is a great help to one you are referring. So when you make this kind letter make sure to make it well and to make it effective. Include in your letter the information that will make the company accept the one you are referring.

Memphis Capital Studio,

Studio Heights 404,

47 Markham Road


Dear Mr. Sean Clark

I am endorsing Mr. Zach Cane as an expert photographer. We don’t just have his shots of his great works, but we have also qualified copies that show also his talent and concentration to the detail. To his 12 years experience as a photographer, Mr. Cane has grown from an intern into a chief photographer and he has reinvent himself and he has displayed matchless professionalism over this period. It is enough to say that Mr. Cane’s work speaks arguably for itself. We’re hesitant make him go and will make him on board easily if it is not for his choice to try another environment. He has been a great photographer for our company, but it is what he wants and we will gladly give it to him. Contact me for further information.

Yours truly,

Michael Sean

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