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General Reference Letter


This letter is very important if you are to apply for any position in various companies. Usually this kind of letter is comprised of letters for employment references and character references. The previous company you used to work, your neighbors, or the people who knows you professionally usually writes it.

Mr. James Courtney,

Inner Trade Financial Corporation,

Idaho, USA.

To Whom It May Concern:

This is for general references that you will need about Mr. John Diaz who applied for the position of accounting office clerk in your office. I want to inform you that Mr. Diaz has worked in my accounting firm as financial consultant for a couple of years. He did an excellent job during his stay in my firm as financial consultant, I proved his skills and knowledge in analyzing financial situations in the market, and he is good when it comes to judgment about financial strategies that a financial corporation should practice.

I believe that he can be excellent in the position the he applied for not only because of his skills and knowledge but also because of his very responsible attitude. As an employee, he is also very professional at work, if he said its work mode then I can say that it is definitely a hundred percent work mode, no alterations, no distractions.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Ms. Faustine Perez

Senior Financial Consultant,

A&G Accounting Firm


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