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Student Reference Letter

Talking about the reference letter there are many kinds of letter that are written in the present days. Most of them being official or bank letters, among them it is generally recommendation and reference letter. Reference letter are of many types some of them being a colleagues reference or a student’s reference or a co-workers reference. Students reference letter are mainly written to refer a student to some other institute or university. These letters should be written with great care and concern.

  • Letter should be checked thoroughly for any spelling or grammatical mistakes
  • It should be written very sensitively.
  • The purpose should well understand.

Student Reference Letter Template

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__________ (Sender’s Details)



Date: __________ (Date when the sender wrote the letter)


__________ (Receiver’s details)



Subject: Reference letter for admission of a student

Respected Sir,

I am very much pleased to refer Mr. XYZ to your university. He is an incredible person with great skills and character. He has really excelled in the field of academics as well as in co-curricular activities. He has an exceptional quality of interacting with any one, the presentation and the technical report given by him used to be most matured one. He has represented our school in many district, state or national level competitions, be it in the field of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, sports or any other things.

He is an exceptionally talented student of his own kind, excelling in all the fields of life. I hope that he will prove to be an exceptional student in your university and proof himself to be the most precious asset working sincerely in your university. Thanking you for all.

Yours Sincerely,

Name and signature (Sender’s)


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Student Reference Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format



__________ (Name of the sender)

__________ (Designation of the sender)

__________ (Address of the sender)

Date: __________ (Date of writing the letter)


__________ (Name of the receiver)

__________ (Designation of the receiver)

__________ (Address of the receiver)

Subject: Reference letter for a student

Respected Sir,

I am very much obliged to recommend Mr. XYZ for admission in your institute. With an exceptional record he applied for engineering in your institute. He has an excellent track record, not only in studies, achieving National Science Olympiad consecutively for three years but also in many physical exercises.

His performance had been excellent in academics as well as sports field. He is one of the most talented students in our school. He achieved many district level prizes and even represented our school in many national level competitions.

Hope you will consider the request and will give him a chance to get flourish under your guidance. I am sure he will prove an asset for your institute and he will make you proud. Thank You for listening me.

Yours Sincerely,

Name and signature

Email Format

Dear Sir,

(Name) is been selected as one of the trainee employee of the company have known her from past two years and I have been her lecturer for two years. I have been always impressed by her hard work and dedication towards studies and other activities. She is an active player in whatever she takes up. She is very popular among the peer group and is always ready to give a helping hand to her friends when necessary.

She is excellent in her studies and one among the top students. She is always interested and eager to learn new concepts and I am sure if given a chance she will be the best candidate you have selected. She is very good in her subject and I am sure she will be great help and support to your team. Being a go-getter and achiever she has achieved all her goals in studies during her stay in college, I recommend her strongly for a position in your organization as I believe she would be successful wherever she goes and whatever she does. For more information please feel free to contact me.


Your name

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