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Pay Rise Request Letter

The sample below can be used when you at last decided to ask your boss about the rise of your salary. If you think that the time comes to consider your salary’s rise, then go ahead and compose the professional letter according to the provided sample.

14th May, 2010


Mr. Jack Greyder

“In-style look” Magazine

Senior HR

21 Collins Avenue


Dear Mr. Greyder,

I appreciate the opportunity to work with you during these 3 years and hope to continue doing so always. I think you will agree with me if I say that within these three years I became a member of the team and achieved some great deals.

During the last year we had increase in volume of advertisings given to our publication. More companies are attracted to our Magazine and are looking forward to place their products on the page of “In-style look”. However, I am still working on my initial salary, that had been agreed when I started to work at your company.

Taking into consideration my achievements and rice in a volume of sales, I will kindly ask you to consider my salary rise of 5 percent.


Diana Grey

Advertising manager

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