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Request Letter for Salary Increment

This letter for salary increment is a sample that can be used for requesting the salary rise from your boss. In a written form you can describe all the details why you are asking for a salary rise. Flow the structure mentioned below and probably you will get a positive answer from your boss.


Mr. Greik

General Director,

BERKO Technologies,

New Jersey.

Dear Sir,

There are already 2 years that I have been working for your organization as a team leader. I was always loyal and dedicated to BERKO technologies. All the assignments and projects I was handling were submitted on time without any delays. You probably know that I get low payment and have asked for salary increment last year. I attempted to ask for the salary increments but I did not get a reply from you.

The reason that I am asking for a rise of my salary is that my current payment is too low for covering the expenses of my family. Recently I have received the job offer from SONY technologies and the salary is relatively higher. However, I am dedicated to our company; therefore, I decided to write you this letter once more.

Kindly ask you to consider my request.


Jack Baker

Team leader

Berko Technologies


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