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Volunteers Request Letter

This letter would be addressed to any company or institution or any foundation as a request to join hands with their organization & help them in their cause. This would help them to overcome their task easily.

Mr. Sunil khambe,

Head of department

Walnut Street


6th Sep 2010

Subject: Request to lend hand in education for all drive

Our foundation has undertaken a drive to spread social awareness among the society that each & every child get their basic education. Our initiative can only be sustained with the help of volunteers, who will be ready to spare a couple of hours every week for this cause. The volunteers will have to go to remote areas and educate the people over there that how education is must for a child & making them work at a very young age is a crime as per law. The students does not have to go on their own, we will be taking them there.

I appeal to all your students who are volunteering to come to come forward and help us in our cause. In our entire earlier request, we have got positive response and we look forward to their continued support. The task is indeed very hard but hard work always pays off. I appreciate you gave your valuable time to read this letter and hope that there will be positive response from your side.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Nana Indise

Education for All Foundation


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