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Acknowledgement of Resignation Letter

Summary: This sample is from the HR department of a company responding to a resignation letter submitted, acknowledging to have received the resignation letter of an employee, confirming his intention to leave the company as well as that checking that all exit processes have been executed for a clear and smooth departure from the company.

24th March 2010

Frank D. Anderson

970 Barfield Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46218

Dear Frank


This letter acknowledges receiving your resignation letter, dated March 10th 2010, and confirms that your last working day is April 5th 2010, after offsetting your outstanding leave days. We are pleased that all your projects have been completed or duly handed over to your colleagues. We have also received your clearance form that has the essential signatures of the various department heads.

Please ensure that your company name tag and office keys will be passed back to the HR department at the end of your last working day with us. You may also approach the Accounts Department for any outstanding finances due to you.

Thank you for serving your resignation with sufficient notice to enable the transfer of work from your kind self. We will forward a copy of the reference letter to you in due time.

We wish you all the best in your new endeavors.

Yours sincerely

HR Dept.

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