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Official Resignation Letter

Summary: This is a sample letter of resignation that is considered written in an official format where the addressee is noted and addressed formally. The letter states the essential purpose and facts professionally giving relevant information where necessary. A line of appreciation to the organization and some good word about the past service are noted as a style of courtesy.

Dr. Lukas Vogt


Berkeley Institute of Technology

3855 40th Street
Edmonton, AB T2P 3Z3

Date: 23 September 2010

Dear Sir

I am writing to tender this letter of resignation relinquishing my position of Senior Lecturer at your esteemed Berkeley Institute of Technology, with effect from 25 November 2010. This notice period is sufficient for me to clear all my work after the close of the term as well as pass on my responsibilities to my successor.

I have accepted an offer to work with a NGO on creating learning opportunities in a third world country from December 2010. Please allow me to convey my deepest appreciation to you and your esteemed institution for all the opportunities accorded to me during my tenure.

It has been a fruitful time at Berkeley’s during the past 12 years. Thank you for your kind understanding.

I wish you and the institution greater success in the future.

Yours Truly

Dr. Nolan Ernest

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