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Sample Resignation Acceptance Letter

Summary: This is a sample of the response from the HR department of an organization, on receipt and processing of a resignation letter. The response letter indicates acknowledgement and acceptance of the resignation and advises the leaving employee to undergo the necessary exit processes before leaving the company on the stipulated day.


Harry Duffield

Finance Manager
Open Communications


Carrie P. Brown

1357 Arthur Avenue
Leonore, IL 61332

26th August 2010

Dear Ms. Brown

This is in reference to your letter of resignation submitted on 20 August 2010. I wish to inform you that your resignation has been approved by the organization and you will be relieved of your responsibilities at the end of your last working day on 30 September 2010.

Your resignation letter has been forwarded to the Finance Department for processing any dues and you can clear other exit procedures before the last day of work with us.

It has been a pleasure having you as one of our employees and we wish you success in your future undertakings. Company will miss your good behaviour, hard work and the heights you gave to the company with your strong determination and support.

With best regards,

Harry Duffield

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