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Standard Resignation Letter

Summary: This is a sample resignation letter from a resigning employee to the company. The contents are brief but with sufficient relevant information. The style is courteous and formal. It states the appreciation of the resigning employee as he moves on in his career.

Sjors S. Johnsen

Jernbanegade 98
9830 Tårs

May 21st 2010

Dear Sir


Herewith is my notice of resignation from Ace Machines Ltd. I am submitting one month’s notice as per my contract with June 15th 2010 as my last working day, offsetting 6 days from the remaining balance of my annual leave, as informed by the HR department.

I will be moving on to a management position with another Engineering firm. I would like to record my thanks to my superior and colleagues who have given me the necessary support as well as guidance during my work tenure here. I have benefited greatly from my 6 years in this esteemed company.

Although I have fulfilled all my current work responsibilities, I will continue to assist and support any projects the department is handling.

You may contact me at GoWild@yahoo.com after June 15th 2010 for any assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Lee

Project Engineer

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