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Teacher Resignation Letter

Summary: This is a sample resignation letter from a teacher to the headmaster informing the latter of the former’s intention to be relieved of his position with a specific date of termination. The reason for the resignation decision is stated to avoid any misunderstanding by the school authority.

12th September 2010

Dear Headmaster

RE: Resigning from Post of Teacher

I am writing to inform you on my decision to be released from my teaching position at Melrose Secondary School with effect from January 1st 2011, giving more than the stipulated 3 months’ notice as per my teaching contract.

The reason for my resignation is that I have decided to pursue my Masters degree in Education at the prestigious National University, whose course term commences in mid January 2011. It will be a 2 year full time studies for me which upon graduation, will open more education-related opportunities for my career.

As my resignation would require the approval of the school Board which only meets in December, I shall continue with my teaching responsibilities until then.

I thank you for your support extended to me while serving this school and I appreciate your kind understanding on my request.

Yours Truly,

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