Teacher Resignation Letter

Whenever any of the NGO or welfare associations needs fund they seek people to donate certain amount of money and for this purpose they write donation appeal letter addressing to that particular person. Appeal letter states request made by the organization and cause for which they need donation. When an organization writes donation appeal letter to any of the person it should take into consideration that they have their registered number mentioned on it.

Mr. Ranbir Singh

Founder- old age Foundation

Mithagar BJ Road

Vikhroli, MRC road

Mumbai, MS 400050

02 September, 2010.


Dear, Mr. Singh

On behalf on Human Cancer Care NGO I am addressing this letter to you. Human Cancer Care is a Cancer Care NGO which helps needy Cancer patients for their treatment. Cancer Treatment in our nation is very expensive for lower class of people and hence they cannot make it to treat this disease. We help such people in terms of providing financial help for their treatment which consist three therapies. We have great respect for you and we all know that you always been very keen and supportive for such causes. On 15th of October, 2010 we have arrange a small campaign for free check up of cancer patients. For this purpose we require certain help from your side in terms of donation.

It’s my genera’s request to you that please help us in any possible way.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Bipin Chaterjee

Vice President-Human Cancer Care

8 Eternity Mall

Mumbai, TH 400605

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