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Retirement Letter Format

Summary: As the title suggests, this is about explaining about the lay out of a retirement letter. It mentions that how you have to approach for the writing, as what you have to write in the letter to bring a pleasant impression of yours at the end of the job.

Name of the Client


Company’s name

Dear MR/MS/MRS (name),

First, you have to state the motive of your retirement which should include your designation, name of the company as well as the date from which the retirement is coming to effect. These details should be carefully written to avoid any kind of confusion.

In the second paragraph of the letter, you should write about your experiences and the achievements, which are close to your heart during your tenure. In this part, thanks to be given to the employer as well as your colleagues who were there for you at the time of the need.

The third paragraph should show your keenness for the change. Mention your plans after the retirement. Show your desire to work for the company even after leaving when the company needs you.

Wish the company all the success and also say all the best to successor.

You should close the letter with thanks and regards.

You are Name


Company’s Name


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