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Retirement Letter to Company

Summary: This is a letter related to retirement. The Project Manager of the company has expressed his desire to retire after having served the company for 12 years. He is asking the management to accept his retirement letter and relieve him from the post. He is expressing his gratitude to the company and all concerned that have helped him during his stay in the company. This is a letter to the company asking for his retirement.

4th October 2010

Mr. Wilkinson

Reliable Systems Ltd

12, Baker Lane

Middle City


Dear Sir.

This is to inform you that I have been working with Reliable Systems for around 12 years as Project Manager. I would like to retire from 20th of October ’10, and this letter is to confirm it officially. Prelude to my retirement I would like to express my gratitude towards my colleagues and clients for making my stay in Reliable System meaningful.

I consider myself lucky to have been a part of this esteemed organization, the memory of which I will ever cherish. I would be very happy to be of any help during the interim period before my retirement date.

I express my thanks to everyone for their support and cooperation during my tenure in Reliable Systems.


Kleen Harpic

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