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Retirement Party Letter

Summary: A member of the staff is retiring from the company. His colleagues want to celebrate the occasion by having a party in which they want to gift him with something that will remind him of his colleagues. The management of the company has given the permission and is appealing to the staff members to come forward to donate a sum of money to fund the purchase of the gift. Everyone is being asked to join the party to have dinner and enjoy some dance.

4th October 2010

All Staff Members,

Religuard Industries

Dear Staff Members

After almost 15 years of service with Religuard Industries Mr. Regan is retiring. We would like to celebrate his retirement in order to honor his contribution to the company. You are invited to attend the party to honor him.

We would like to take this opportunity to present Mr. Regan with a gift that will remind him of us for quite sometimes. I, on behalf of the management, would request each member to donate $12 towards purchase of an appropriate gift item.

The party, which includes dinner and dancing, will be held at Conference Hall on 20 October, at 6 o’clock. Mr. Regan will be honored at the party when the gift will be presented to him.

We look forward to your participation to make the event memorable.



Religuard Industries


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