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Writing Retirement Letter

There was a time, when one had to undergo many processes to make sure that the procedure of his retirement from the current place of service goes smoothly. However, today, it’s seen that the workers initially discuss with the concerned authority regarding their funds and dues and relieving of charges and finally write a letter informing the company about his retirement. Writing an official retirement letter may not be a piece of cake to all because it is a type of official letter that has small bits of personal touch.

Some rules about writing a retirement letter, that must be carefully followed, are given below:

  1. The format of framing the letter should be formal in nature and a bit brief.
  2. The employer should be shown the proper respect he deserves.
  3. Gratitude towards the company should be shown in the letter.
  4. The date of retirement should be mentioned.
  5. The good and positive experiences with the company should be mentioned, and the bitter ones should be strictly left out.
  6. It is an act of courtesy to conclude the letter with wishing the progress and development of the company.

Writing Retirement Letter  Sample






Date: ________ (date of writing the letter)





Sub: Regarding the retirement from services with your company.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this regarding my decision to take retirement from the services with your company, as I feel that after serving for about XYZ long years, I need to take a permanent break.

It has been a wonderful experience working for your organization as I have got a huge field experience throughout my career. Moreover, the employees have helped me a lot on many occasions, and I couldn`t help thanking them from the core of my heart. I would now want to bid farewell to all of you with the most positive of feelings and get prepared to lead a quiet and peaceful life ahead.

Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,

Name and designation

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