Sample Letter Asking For an Advice

Dear Name,

I would like to ask you an advice about me joining a company in Dubai. I thought of this form many days, but I could not decide.

I have got a good opportunity to work in Dubai and will be getting a family visa also. Can you tell me if it will be a wise decision to move now? You must be aware that I will be completing seven years in my current job and is almost to get another promotion soon, and I am very settled here and own my own flat and kids are studying in international school. I thought I would take your advice as you are settled there. Advise me on the school and about stay there.

Please advise me if it is the right decision to move with family now. You are one person whom I can rely on a perfect decision and let me know if coming to Dubai is good for me career wise. Since you are there you must be aware of the situation. Please send me a detailed reply and also if you can enquire about the company I am talking about I can have a fair idea if it’s a good company. I have attached a copy of the appointment letter for address. Please feel free to call me at my number. awaiting for your reply.

Thanking you,


Your name.

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