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Appeal Letter to Insurance Company

Appeal letters are written to seek any kind of financial as well as emotional help form any of the supporters. Insurance appeal letters are addressed to the senior head of the insurance company. For claiming a medical help in respect of insurance policy which has been taken; an appeal letter is to be written. This is a formal type of letter with professional way to writing. Appeal letter states all information related to insurance policy and amount of claim and purpose of claim.

Mr. Andre S. Ocampo

General Manager-New York Insurance Company Pvt. Ltd

3846 Rover Croft Drive

New York, NY 37663

04 September, 2010


Dear, Mr. Andre

I Mr. Ralph R. Johnson have taken a health insurance policy from your health insurance company on 3rd January, 2008 and for the same my policy number is HI-8521. As per the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy whatever would be my medical expenses will be barred by the company. On 25th August, 2010 my operation is to be held for hernia in Wockard Hospital in New Jersey.

For which the total cost of operation plus hospital bill is near about $20,000 which is to be paid to the hospital authorities before 15th of September, 2010. As per my policy benefit, the entire cost is to be paid by insurance company. Hence I request you to please settle all necessary bill and payment before the affix date.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Ralph R. Johnson

3234 Ocala Street

New Jersey, NJ 32811

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