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Appeal Letter to Mom

Appeal letters can be a formal letter or informal letter depending upon the situation and the person whom you are writing. If you are writing formal appeal letter it should address to higher authority by using professional way of writing. Where as if you are writing informal appeal letter to any of your family member or friend then way of writing should be smile and polite.

Mrs. Estella L. Smith

4000 Echo Lane

Mumbai, MI 49007

05 September, 2010


Dear, MOM

I love you a lot; you are the best mom in this entire world. You are mother cum friend to me. I always share all my secrets with you. You have always helped me in all my problems and you have suggested me good advice for each problem. I know mom you are always worried about me and you have tried to protect me from going on a bad way. Thus you have tried a lot to keep me away from all my friends. But mom trust me all my friends are really good they don’t have even a single bad habit and they never encourage me to do so. Mom all of us has planned a four days outing at goa. Now my college are going to end after two months therefore we planned this picnic. Thus I want to make an appeal to you that please grant me permission for this picnic so that I can enjoy and after that prepare myself for annual exams.

Yours Lovingly,

Mr. Philip L. Smith

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