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Business Appeal Letter

This letter is addressed to business associate to which any appeal is to be made due to certain business requirements. This type of letter is conversation between two businesses parties thus the type of letter to be a formal letter. The letter should reflect name and address of both companies along with the reason for making an appeal. Type of their business and type of contract their share has to be mentioned in the appeal letter. The letter to be written in such a format, that it should be accepted by other party.

Ms. Nora C. Johnson

Chief Executive Officer-Wilfred Consultant Pvt. Ltd

3466 Jefferson Street

Norfolk, VA 23502

04 September, 2010


Dear, Ms. Nora

I Mr. Paul P. Nelson Vice President of Master Association Pvt. Ltd hereby inform you that our company is launching new product in health maintenance market which is to be named as Aloe Vera Gel. This particular Gel is going to prepare purely by Aloe Vera extract and would be much more beneficial to fight with major diseases like Arthritis, Diabetes, and so on. Hence your company already has dealership for our other products we expect you to take dealership for this new product for future business growth. Believe

This product really works for such diseases to cure as well as to get rid of these problems. It’s my request to you that kindly accept this business appeal and contact us for further procedure.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Paul P. Nelson

Vice President-Master Association Pvt. Ltd

2124 Chapel Street

Baytown, TX 77521

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