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Appreciation Letter for Performance

Even though an appreciation letter is formal type of letter the tone of writing can be inform to convey your feelings and congratulations to the reader. When you appreciation anyone for his or her achievement or success then the letter help him or her in building positive attitude and to maintain this kind of work throughout his or her career.

Ms. Megan R. Castanon
Junior Accountant
Global Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd

2216 Tipple Road

Philadelphia, PA 19146

24 September 2010


Dear, Ms. Megan

It’s my honor and pleasure to inform you that the company has impressed with your performance in last 6 months and giving you the performance bonus of Rupees 6,000 for your achievement. You had tried to learn a lot by giving you extra time to your team leader and with your approach had applied all necessary efforts whichever you team leader told to you in your production. Thus you had not only achieved your production target but also met 100% accuracy criteria set by the company. Therefore you got eligible for this performance bonus and now its company’s responsibility to appreciate your hard work, sincerity and dedication through which you performed impressively. Hence on behalf of our company I am pleased to give you the cheque of Rupees 6,000. Kindly come to my cabin and collect you performance bonus cheque. Apart from appreciation I wish you all the best for future growth in this company.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Jason D. Mccartney

Manager Human Resource

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