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Appreciation Letter to the Company

The objective of writing this letter is to appreciate the owner of the organization who keeps customer first rather than his profit or loss. Through this letter, you are appreciating his efforts on his customer dealing which is resulting into customer satisfaction also. Though lot of companies talk about customer service, but there are very few who implement the same in real life also. So, it becomes our moral responsibility to motivate them by giving them appreciation for their work.

  • Firstly it is vital that the letter should be written in a sincere and genuine way.
  • You must appreciate the person for his help extended to you without worrying for his profit.
  • Tone of the letter should be formal and polite.
  • Wordings of the letter should be such that the other person should feel motivated.
  • Once you are through writing the letter, please recheck the same for corrections, if needed.

Appreciation Letter to the Company Template

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Date (Date on which letter is written)




Dear Mr. _____________,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am truly impressed by the way you deal with your customers keeping the revenue factor aside. We had a conversation a week before regarding replacement of my ____________ (Name of the item) which I purchase from you _________ (Time period) ago. I must appreciate the way you deal with your customers and handle their concerns in a professional manner.

I once again, would like to thank you for replacing my __________ and giving me an exceptional customer service experience.

Yours faithfully’




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Appreciation Letter to the Company Sample, Email and Example/Format



Mr. Samuel Johnson
Midas Furnishing
Central Street

Date (Date on which letter is written)


Mary Jacob
123, South Hills Apartments

Sub: Letter of appreciation

Dear Mr. Johnson,

This is with reference to our telecom yesterday regarding the replacements of my curtains which I purchased from you a week ago. I must appreciate the way you deal with your customers. Your professionalism in dealing with your customers is truly commendable. Without asking any questions, you immediately agreed and send the person to my place for the replacement and also with the new designs. I am totally impressed with your generosity.

I was very much worried because I was expecting some guests on weekend and the conditions of the curtains were miserable, but your timely help and prompt action has completely settled my mind into ease.

Once again thank you for the help.


Yours faithfully’


Mary Jacob


Email Format

Companies always have to face profit as well as loss in any products launched in the market. When any company builds its status in the market, it is such a precious moment to the departmental staff for their hard work which has brought their company so far successfully. An appreciation letter to the company expresses to the company about wishing them luck for more and more growth. The letter also contains in it lots and lots of prayers, good wishes and blessings which play a positive role in their success.

Dear Michael,

With reference to our conversation, I have writing this letter regarding for replacement of purchased furniture to appreciate your professionalism and dedication towards your customers. In addition to my enthusiasm, I like your ability to encourage others to work cooperatively with the department. My artistic background will help me to work with artists on staff and provide me with an understanding of the visual aspects of our work.

I understand your need for administrative support. My detail orientation and organizational skills will help to free you to deal with larger issues. With your way of working and treating your customers I am very much influenced.

Yours Faithfully,


Roberto S. Steen


Appreciation Letter to the Company Generator

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