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Certification Letter

An urge to join a course leads an individual to learning something new that then leads to getting the proof that the course has been successfully completed. This process is called “Certification”.

A Certification Letter is the one that is given to an individual once s/he has completed a course that s/he had enrolled for. This letter works as a proof of having done a particular course. This letter may or may not include the marks that have been secured on completion of the course. A mark sheet may be a totally different document with the same course. Since a Certification Letter is only a document to confirm course completion, it should be short and precise. It should have pertinent information such as name of the person who has completed the course, which course has s/he completed, what was the tenure of the course and how has s/he fared in the course. The language used in the Certification Letter so that it is easily readable and understood by all.


  • A Certification Letter should be given as soon as the course is completed
  • It should give all relevant details such as name of the person who has completed the course, name of the course completed and marks secured
  • Since it is an important document that can be used by the individual all her/his life, it should preferably be hand delivered or couriered
  • To ensure confidentiality of information the letter should be addressed to and handed over to only the person for whom it is
  • Since this is just a certification information, the letter should be short and precise


Name and address of the person who has certified


Subject: Certification Letter

Dear Ms/Mr ______________

We thank you for signing up for _____________ (course) that was for duration of _____________ (duration) starting on __________ (start date) and ending on __________ (end date).

We are pleased to inform you that your course has been successfully completed and you have certified with ____% marks. The detailed mark sheet will be sent to you by post within a month from today.

We hope you have achieved the purpose for which you took up this course and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Best regards,

(Name of the signing authority)

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