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Sample letter of sympathy – Condolence Letter

The demise of any member of the family is a traumatic experience. At this moment, in all the societies and cultures of the world, the near and dear once gather around the bereaved family. It is of immense consolation to the family members, who have lost someone. It helps them to overcome their grief. A simple condolence letter can also bring some pace to the grieved.

Here is a sample deepest sympathy condolence letter:


Richard Moor

9/120, Bentley Street,




Paul Derrick

Avenue Apartments #7,

Morris Mansion,



24th June, 2010

Dear Paul,

I am deeply grieved to hear of the tragic death of your son in a road accident. It was shocking and unbelievable to hear this heavy loss.

He was a very kind and lovable boy. He was always helpful for others. Fate has taken away the brightest gem from the family. But it was not in our hands to change the destiny. He was such a sweet child that even god could not live without him and so he took him.

Your situation is even beyond thoughts but this is not the end. You have to be strong enough so as to give the strength to your family. Nothing can bring him back and he will always be in our memories but you have to take care of others.

May god give peace to the departed soul and solace and consolation to all of you!

Please take care,


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