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Donation Letter for Special Project

The donation letter for special project should clearly state the mission for which the project is being implemented. Moreover, you should also specify the targeted beneficiates of such a project and who are all going to be benefited from it once it gets implemented. The ancilliary details regarding the project should also be given ample highlight.

Points to remember

1)  The letter should specify the details of the project

2) Its beneficiaries

3) The target amount that the project has to bear in order to materialize

 Donation Letter for Special Project Sample 











Subject:  Requesting donation for free noon meal for students

Respected Sir/Madam,

It is to bring to your kind attention that our organization is executing a special project with the aim to provide free noon meal for the children coming from the BPL sections of society in all the government run schools.

For this we seek the help from all possible and potential sources and we identify and consider your esteem contribution to it as an invaluable one .As per our estimates the total amount to implement such a scheme will come around nearly  Rs 2,00,000 lakhs. Hence we identify you as a potential person to help us in this regard and as a social innovation to help the poor students with food; we hope you will be at the forefront with generous contributions and guidelines.So we take this opportunity to request you to contribute generously to the fund.

Expecting a positive reply from you.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Sas

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