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Invitation to Attend a Fund Raising Event

This is a letter of invitation to attend fund raising event. These kinds of letters are formal in nature. The format of such kind of letters should be proper. The language used in such kind of letters should be positive, friendly, and must be clear and good. Such kind of letters must be short, because no one has that much time to read big letters. Thus the letter should create a good impact on the reader.


Mr. Peter Wesley,




(Subject)- Invitation to attend a fund raising event.

Dear Mr. Peter,

I am writing this letter to you today on behalf on ABC social service organization. Our organization is a not for profit organization. We work for the people and to serve the people. We believe in serving the mankind as the moto of our organization is service to humanity is service to divinity. On 25th October 2010 we are going to conduct a fund raising event.

As everyone knows that in the Gujarat earthquake many losses occurred. Many people lost their lives and much more were injured. For this we are conducting a fund raising event. We cannot repair the human life which was lost in that earthquake but we can atleast help the people who are affected by this event. We are planning to give food, medical help to the affected people.

I hope you will attend our event and help us.

Your,s faithfully,

Henry Jones.

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