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Invitation Letter for a Charity Program

Sumary: A charitable organization is holding a charity program to raise fund for another NGO organization that looks after blind children. It is a great cause and they want to invite eminent personalities to grace their program, which will enhance the prestige of the program. They are sending out invitation letter to different people amongst which this letter’s addressee is one. This letter is one such invitation.


Dr. Rahul Mahajan

Lal Bahadur Shastri Lane


Uttar Pradesh

10th October 2010

Subject: Invitation to a charity program on 24 October 2010

Dear Sir,

Haridwar chapter of Jairam Society would like to express their heartfelt greetings to you.

This letter is to inform you that on 24th of October 2010 the Jairam Society is going to organize a charity program in order to raise funds for Dristi, an organization working for the blind children.

Jairam Society’s history dates back to the pre-independence days when Mr. Ramji Jethmalani established it. The society is now working under the supervision of his able sons. On the seventy fifth anniversary of the society, we have arranged this event. The society’s children and their parents will present some cultural performances. The highlight of the program will be a performance by Sanatan Boul, the famous folk singer.

We will be honored to have you at the ceremony.

Thanking you

With warm regards

Jairam Society

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