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Thank you for the invitation to perform on the occasion of _____________. I have been waiting for the opportunity from past many years. I am a good dancer and has been dancing in various small events and school programs but haven’t got any exposure to perform on a stage where my talent would be noticed.

I have learned different dance form from reputed teachers and I assure you that my performance will be appreciated by one and all.

Thank you for providing me the stay and the tickets to reach the place, as you are aware that I come from a poor family and is dreaming to make it big in the entertainment industry .I will always remember the chance and opportunity you have given me to show my talent and performance. I am aware that this function is a award function and all the bigwigs of the entertainment industry would be attending the function. It is in such venues people judge your talent and give an opportunity to come up. I am thankful to you on your confidence on me and I assure that I will live up your expectation.


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