Sample Business Event Invitation Letter

Dear Name,

This in response to the advertisement in newspaper _____________ for a math teacher in your school.

I have enclosed my resume which states that I have 6 years of teaching maths at ____________ and _______________ Schools. I have a strong academic background in mathematics. I am MSc mathematics and am currently teaching in the senior section of __________ School. This school has helped me strengthen my communication skills and handing teenage kids. I am very confident that having taught the kids of senior section and having such an experience I can be the best candidate you are looking for.

Although I am enjoying my work at ____________. I would like to go for more exposure and have known that your school gives good exposure as far as training and development is concerned.

I would like to join your school and would like to meet you and discuss my abilities and further discuss on the experience I have.


Your name

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  1. we appreciate very much this website and we will use it for academic and business purposes.

    best wishes for 2012 to all the team!

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