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Sample Offer a Suggestion to the Superior Letter

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Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that from past one year the candidates we had recruited has left the company within four months. Out of which we have them for only two months and the productivity is for remaining two months and by the time they are the one who can be relied on for the sales they quit. After lot of thought what I would suggest is we should slightly change the hiring procedure and hire only those who have been very consistent in any company and get a signed letter from the candidate for a one year commitment.

I feel that by this we will get candidates who are more experienced and committed towards work. Once we get more committed employees I assure our productivity and sales will increase and we a can discuss ideas which will increase the sales rather than recruiting employees every four to six months.

Even the team support has lot of effect on the team members and the team leaders if the team members keep changing its very difficult for the superiors to get results from a changing team. I am sure you will look into my suggest and reply back.

Thank you,


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