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Letter of Resignation

Summary: This sample is written to serve notice to the company on resigning from a specific date, given the due notice period as per employment contract. The reason for resignation is clearly stated with no bias against the company. Well wishes are conveyed to affirm a good working relationship between employee and employer.

27th January 2010 

Dear Sir 


I am writing to inform you of my intention to resign from March 15 2010, giving more than a month’s notice as per my work contract.

My spouse has been transferred to New York and I would need to join him there, as traveling to and for currently is too cumbersome and taxing on all involved parties. As there is no subsidiary of Maddock & Associates in New York, I have no choice but to resign from this firm.

Thank you for the good experience that I have had while working at Maddock & Associates. I value our established work relationship and would welcome contact between us after my departure.

Should you need me to clear any outstanding administrative work, please do not hesitate to inform me before my last working day at Maddock & Associates.

Yours sincerely, 

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