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Retirement Letter Sample

Summary: What should be the way of writing a retirement letter; this is described in this document. How it should be started, what should be written and how should be it addressed with explaining the kind of retirement it is.

Introduction:  The word “Retirement” means the ending of the fulltime services provided to a company after reaching a particular age decided by the company or owing some personal reasons.

Types of Retirement: The retirement letter should mention the reason for the retirement and address the important points as shown below:-

Retirement on Superannuation – If the employee is retiring due to reaching a particular age, He should offer his thanks to the management as well as the colleagues for rendering their support in making his successful career.

Retirement due to illness: In this case, the letter should be written to inform the management that you were extremely satisfied with the company and really want to work for it but the health neither does permit to do so.

Retirement due to self-actualization: In this kind of retirement letter, you should mention that you do have ambitions to achieve somewhere else; however, you were satisfied with the organisation.

Conclusion: You should thank the employer in your retirement letter and should end your services at pleasant node.

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