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Retirement Letter to Teacher

Summary: the employer sends Retirement letter to the employee at the time when they leave the company and their job period get over. This is a letter, which is being given by a school employee to the Principal of the school expressing his desire to retire from the services of the company. He has been working with the school for 20 years and feels the need to retire. He is requesting the management to accept his retirement and relieve him from his post.

4th October 2010

Mr. Thomas Augustine,


Garden High School,


Dear Principal,

I would like to announce my retirement from the position with Garden High School with effect from 14 October 2010. Working for the school for 20 years has been an enriching experience for me. I feel proud to be associated with a school that has the distinction of grooming student with high moral and social values.

I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all the staff, teachers and the management for their support throughout my tenure that made my stay at Garden High School memorable.

I would request you to accept my retirement with effect from 14 October 2010

Thanking you for everything.

Yours sincerely,

Ernest Hemingway


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