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Thank You Retirement Letter

Summary: In this letter, the management of the company has given the employee his retirement letter. The employee is writing this letter to the management expressing his thanks for relieving him immediately. The employee is thanking everyone for helping him during his service period. He intends to spend his retirement days in peace and happiness.

4th October 2010

Mr. Jonathan Spike,

Prototype Company Ltd,


Dear Jonathan,

This letter is to acknowledge receipt of my retirement letter. I have been working with the company for long 25 years and the time has come for me to bid farewell to the company. I am thankful for the letter and for relieving me at the earliest.

It was great working for the organization, which taught me a great deal in facing all kind of situations and challenges that contributed to my growth.

I intend to enjoy my retirement years with the sweet memories of my years with this organization. I will never forget all those who helped me nurture my career in the organization. I will ever remain grateful to them for their support and creating an environment of mutual trust and friendship.


Jack Welse

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