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Grievance Appeal Letter

The grievance appeal letter can be written by anybody who needs the redressal of his plea and present it before any authority concerned. Such grievance letters can in individual form and at the same time mass petitions can also be filed under this category.

Tips to write the letter

  • The authority should be briefed about the grievance
  • Inquiry should be made to the right authority to present the case
  • The grievance plea should be properly supported by facts and figures
  • The date and place and other facts also should be well drafted
  • The language of the letter should take a neutral stand
  • The attitude of the letter should be fair and free as far as possible

Grievance Appeal Letter Sample


(Subject)- Grievance appeal letter







Subject: Grievance appeal letter

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to bring kind consideration to you that in our village there are no road lights at night. This becomes all the more relevant as the number of thieves and robbers are appearing and looting public money and ornaments from their houses. Even the police are saying that since the municipality is taking no action to erect lamps in the vicinity, it becomes easy for the thieves to carry on their nefarious activities. Sir as an honorable citizen I take this my responsibility to present the case before you and seek fitting remedy to the problem. People are suffering like anything and commodities worth 20, 0000 has already been stolen from the households in these area and the people are all the more afraid to step outside their houses for fear of robbery and theft. It looks like a deserted area in the thick darkness of night and needless to say there is little social life in this area after the evening time. All these factors affect the healthy community life in this area. Hence I appeal you to kindly take immediate action to expedite the process to erect necessary road lamps in our village and save its honor. We have approached many officials including the collector and councilor and they are condemning each other. Unfortunately no action has been taken so far and the woes of the public go on as never before.


Yours sincerely,


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Meena Vani

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