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Medical Appeal Letter

This type of appeal letter relating to medical grounds would most likely be addressed to the concerned medical authorities, supervisors etc to make a request to look in to the matters. This would signify the date of purpose of making appeal, any reference numbers, and any problematic areas to deal with etc to be briefed up.


Mr. Narayan Shetty.

Medical supervisor,

Uranus Life Care Center,

Hiranandani Gardens,

Powai Lake Road.

14th Sept’ 2010.

Subject: Medical Appeal Letter to look & scrutinize in to the case study.

Dear Mr. Shetty;

This is in reference to our recent telephonic conversation in relation to the above subject; sending you this as my medical appeal letter as against the need to scrutinize the case studies as referred in the enclosed list; in which major faults are found on not just medical grounds but also some couple technical & grammatical errors.

Sir, having made possible efforts to check out for all the resources, worked upon the mentioned case studies in depth; & finally summarizing this list over a period from the last four months. Without just pin pointing the errors & mistakes; we have taken utmost care to make necessary amendments & changes to the possible extent; further enclosed with this letter. Looking forward for your positive response in the near future.

Thanks & Regards,

Akshay Gavde.

(Senior Assistant)

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