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Letter of Appreciation to Employer

When you appreciate someone for their extra ordinary effort, they truly feel motivated. While working in an organization, there are time when our employer appreciates us for our good work, therefore, it is also a professional gesture to appreciate your employer if he does something extraordinary for you. By doing so, you are making him feel that you respect him for the efforts he has taken to help you out.

  • Firstly it is vital to put your emotions on paper in a sincere and genuine way.
  • You must appreciate your employer by making him aware as how his efforts have proved helpful to each and every employee working in the organization.
  • Tone of the letter should be formal
  • Wordings of the letter should be such that the reader should feel special and appreciated.
  • Once you are through writing the letter, please re check the same for spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

Letter of Appreciation to Employer Template

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Date (Date on which letter is written)




Dear _________________ (Mr./Ms),

We are really fortunate to have an employer like you who personally thinks about our problems and also take efforts in solving them. The introduction of _________________ (Name of the facility provided) has really proved helpful to all of us. You have really solved a big problem of ours. This effort of yours has increased the enthusiasm of the employees and they are now getting more committed towards their job.

I on behalf of all of us would really like to extend my appreciation for such a noble act of yours.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely’




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Letter of Appreciation to Employer Sample, Email and Example/Format



Mr. Albert D Costa
Asian Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.

Date (Date on which letter is written)


Michael Pinto
Assistant Manager
Asian Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.

Sub: Letter of appreciation

Dear Mr. D Costa,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude towards you on behalf of all the employees for providing a “bus service” facility to us. I am very touched to know that you are also concerned about your employees’ problem in commuting from home to office. I need to change busses twice to reach the office and it take nearly two and a half hours but now it hardly takes an hour in reaching the office. Your effort in this regard is truly appreciated.

After the introduction of ‘bus service’, the enthusiasm of the employees have increased so much that they are also ready to stay back for work without worrying for their commuting issue. I once again would like to thank you and appreciate you for whatever you have done for us.

Yours sincerely’


Michael Pinto


Email Format

The two words of appreciation can bring a lot of change in someone’s life. When someone appreciates your hard work the desire event to try out more arises. When the employer does some extra ordinary work which other employer does not do like providing medical facilities, providing bonus and other loan facilities. When the employer gets the appreciation it shows that there is dedication of the employees towards employer as well as the work.

Dear Julie,

You have help me in daily commuting so I have written this letter to convey you my gratitude. A “Bus service” idea which you have given is really great specially to employees. Before the idea of Bus service it was very hard for me to reach in time I have leave home early and I have to change bus three times. I am sure this will benefit both the company as well as myhself. Your enthusiasm and your ability to motivate your employees, has resulted in a significant increase in productivity and profitability. If we had an award to give, you would be the prime candidate.

Please accept my sincerest appreciation for the fine job you are doing in our sales department.

Yours Faithfully,


Virginia G. Hammond.


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