What is the Criticism Letter?

The offensive behaviour or an inappropriate action of an individual can compel you to write the criticism letter. You can write this letter to a person with whom you share a close bonding or to someone at your workplace. Definitely, such a letter brings out a negative expression but it is advisable to write it for the betterment. Don’t lose your temperament while writing a criticism letter but don’t be afraid to show your objection or disagreement. Such a letter is like giving a silent warning to someone.

It is tough to take criticism and also to criticize someone. People have the mindset that criticism is always related to finding unwanted mistakes. But, this is not true. If criticism showed in a proper manner, can prove to be constructive and encouraging. Criticizing is not easy but a true critique is the one who criticizes only after having the perfect knowledge about the entire situation.

It is important for you to understand the purpose of criticism. Criticism is not all about finding faults and hurting someone but it is moreover related to improvising the mistake. Before criticizing, it is important to create a positive environment. Select right words to criticize someone, in order to add the motivating factor to your letter. This will not make the reader feel degraded.

Letter of criticism writing tips

  • Don’t make your criticism letter look insulting by exaggerating too much. In order to make your point clear, it is advisable to give examples related to the mistakes. Don’t make the reader feel like, he or she is cornered. Whatever may be your motive behind criticizing someone but it is suggested not to make any kind of comment on the character of the person.
  • Don’t start your letter with the negative sentence. Starting the letter with the positive aspects can make the reader feel that, apart from criticism his or her good behaviour is also noticed.
  • Don’t go vague with your negative comments. Give an appropriate reason for criticizing someone and you can also give a backup to it by providing few examples. In such a letter, strictly you are not allowed to define the wrong behaviour of the recipient by providing opinions of others.
  • If you are criticizing someone in such a letter, then it is your duty to also offer a proper solution to the problem. Don’t be too lenient or too harsh with your negative comments. In your letter, at any point of time don’t make fun of the reader. Say no to long and confusing sentences and don’t make use of tough vocabulary.
  • Don’t include the opinion of the third party. Make use of serious tone while writing such a letter and avoid using stylish font or a colourful paper.
  • Don’t make use of bold letters or an underlined word to describe the mistake of a person because doing so can create a negative impact.
  • If you want your letter to be effective, then don’t make it too lengthy.

How to Write a Criticizing Letter?

  • Take some time to analyze the situation before writing a criticism letter. Sometimes, this can make it easy for you to understand your own mistake. If you dig out the mistake of the recipient, then take some time, say around 24 hours to allow the emotion of anger to fade away.
  • Don’t get biased with the situation.
  • Always start your criticism letter with the proper salutation.
  • Start the letter with the positive tone and it can be done by complementing something about the recipient.
  • Make use of neutral and honest tone while drafting such a letter. In the paragraph, where you want to include the mistake should be clear and concise. Outline the entire scenario properly so that reader can find it easy to understand the situation.
  • If you find that the acknowledgment of mistake has been unintentional then do mention it in your letter. In order to prevent any kind of mistake in the future, you can also make some suggestions.
  • What kind of result are you expecting from such a letter? State that result in your criticism letter that you are expecting and can also state the steps for repairing the damage.
  • You can also offer the assistance by continuing working with the same person or by appreciating few other things.
  • In the end of the letter, you need to summarize the entire situation.
  • Add proper salutation, sign and add your name while ending the letter.

How to Give Constructive Criticism in the Criticism Letter?

Here are the few ways to give the constructive criticism in the criticism letter:

First is, feedback sandwich method

In this method, PIP is used that is Positive-Improvement-Positive. The name itself states that your feedback process is divided into three segments. You can start the letter by describing the strength of the person. After that, you can criticize the point which you did not like and show the scope of improvement. Lastly, you can give the feedback by adding some positive comments. It is called as the feedback sandwich method because you wedge your criticism between the opening and closing layer of positive comments.

Second is, don’t focus on an individual but focus on the situation

Focusing on the entire situation is important, rather than just focusing on the person. In order to apply this method in your letter, you need to follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Take the person out of the situation and focus on the behaviour and an action.
  • Give your comments on the problems and not on the person. For instance, if you find the clothes dirty then mention that the clothes are dirty, rather than saying you are dirty.
  • Strictly say no to the personal attacks. Don’t give comments like you are lazy or you are stupid in your letter.
  • Make use of the passive voice rather than using active voice in the letter.

Third is, be precise or specific with your feedback

  • Speak more on the neutral points and don’t try to add personal opinions.
  • Break down the key points related to the mistakes properly.
  • Point to point feedback can make it easy for you to write a letter.

Fourth is, don’t make assumptions

Constructive criticism cannot be provided on the basis of assumptions. Make criticism on the basis of facts and not assumptions. Giving feedback on the basis of assumptions can make things worse.


Sample Criticism Letter

Normally this is not a regular norm in the organizations to write criticism letter as it does not sound professional, but sometimes circumstances forced the person to write such letter. A criticism letter is being written to put the bad deeds of the reader in writing and warn him regarding the same. Though these situations …

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