What is an Endorsement Letter?

Are you planning to endorse any individual or a program? If yes, then you may get into the situation where you have to write an endorsement letter. Just like the recommendation letter, an endorsement letter can also be written by an employer or business associates. The endorsement letter, you plan to write should contain relevant and appropriate information because this can give the professional look to a letter.

Basics about an endorsement letter that you need to know are like:

  • What are you endorsing or Whom are you endorsing? It is important for you to give an answer to this question in your endorsement letter.
  • How will you offer a support to your endorsement? This can be done by providing a right back up to your letter. You should state the reason behind endorsing a particular product or a person or a program.
  • Why is it important to include all relevant details? It is very important to include relevant details related to the person suitable for a particular job or program because this can define your endorsement decision aptly.
  • Is it important to make use of the professional tone in such a letter? Yes, you should definitely make sue of the professional tone because this can help a reader to know the specific purpose of writing a letter. If you are writing such a letter for the business purpose, then it is essential to make use of a simple font that is readable.
  • Can you add graphics to such a letter? If an endorsement letter is written on a professional level, then it is suggested to not make use of any kind of graphics. You should also avoid using bold and italic fonts. You should also not leave plenty of space for the borders. If your letter looks professional, then the reader can find it soothing for eyes to go through it.
  • How important is it to write such a letter in a brief? It is very important to include every possible detail in such a letter related to the endorsement but in a concise manner. In other words, it can be said that you should not go off the topic in the middle of the letter. Be clear with your statements and write to the point.

Are you planning to sign a sports star for the promotion of a product? If yes, then get ready to write an endorsement letter. Make use of formal language and business letter format, while writing this type of a letter. Remember, that addressee of this letter is a known personality and so there is no scope of using the foul language. In this type of a letter, if you make any kind of mistakes then it can ruin your image and dismiss the contract. Even when you are mentioning terms and conditions related to the endorsement, it is important to be professional and decent. Don’t go vague with your words or don’t leave any end to lose in the letter.

Going wrong with the words can change the entire meaning of a letter. So it is very important on your part to be selective while choosing the words. Mention details about the contract validity clearly before signing such a letter. When the language is concerned for such a letter, it is very important to make use of professional language.

How to Write an Endorsement Letter?

Here are the few points, that you need to take into account while writing an endorsement letter:

  • It is important to include the correct date and define the parties involved with the endorsement, clearly in the letter.
  • In the first paragraph, of the endorsement letter you should include a date of effects as well as name and address of the involved parties.
  • There are some important things which you need to narrate in such a letter like the right to use the name, wish of both the parties to enter into the contract, use of a contract for the commercial purpose etc.
  • It is essential for you to aptly define the terms of an agreement in such a letter. You need to define terms of agreement like the period of a contract, the year of the contract, subject identification, the territory of the contract etc.
  • In an endorsement letter, it is very important to include all the related exclusive as well as non-exclusive rights.
  • You should also include specifications related to certain things like signatures, photographs, logos etc. which can be mentioned under the subject identification category.
  • You should specify details related to the endorsement relationship and ensure that both the parties will not get into any kind of act that can breach the endorsement contract.
  • In such a letter, you should also explain the terms and schedules related to the payments. You should also add details related to the mode of payment.
  • How many times you want an endorsee to appear personally? Give answer to this question in your endorsement letter. It is essential for you to provide an information about the reimbursement in such a letter.
  • What are the cooperation guidelines? In this subject, you should mention whether the subject is allowed to work with any other client or not.
  • Include a statement in your endorsement letter which defines things related to the confidentiality agreement. Depending on this agreement, you may or may not have the right to disclose any kind of thing to the third party.
  • In your endorsement letter, you should also mention the guidelines related to the termination. You should also add information related to the insurance policies if there is any demise of the subject during the term of the contract.
  • Provide information related to the negotiation proceedings in such a letter which defines that, both the parties can claim the charge or litigation in order to settle the differences.
  • You should always end the letter by including a date and a signature.

Request an Endorsement

  • State your name and give details about the organization. Describe your relationship with the reader.
  • In order to request for an endorsement, make use of clear and specific language.
  • Give the reason behind the endorsement request.
  • Explain the details related to the requirement of endorsement and its use.
  • Mention details related to the attached forms, if any that you want the reader to fill out.
  • Be thankful, to the reader for considering the endorsement.


Endorsement Letter – Sample Endorsement Letter

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