What are the Friendship Letters?

Is your day to day life tiring and giving no free time to you? If yes, then you must not be getting time to meet your loved ones and friends regularly. How will you maintain the relationship with your friends, in such a scenario? There has to be some mode of communication which can allow you to maintain a relation with your friend in a long run. How about writing a friendship letter? It is a great idea, but in the age of social media, writing a letter seems to be an old fashion idea. Do you even think that letter writing days are gone? If yes, then hold your thought because writing a friendship letter is a great way of greeting someone.

In such an informal letter you can make use of simple language and the casual tone. If you consider friendship, as the most treasured relation of your life then, do consider writing a friendship letter. Writing a letter can add a personal touch and can allow you to maintain the relationship with old as well as new friends. You can express your emotion and gratitude of having such a great friend. You can also add friendship quotes and poems, in this type of letters.

It is an informal letter and so you can write it personally or get it typed. The handwritten friendship letter, adds more personal touch. Don’t be dramatic with your language while writing such a letter. The adjectives, you use in a friendship letter should indicate your happiness, care and warmth. The friendship letter you plan to write should reflect life and enthusiasm and should always possess “the feel good factor”.

You can start writing such a letter by casually greeting a reader in a casual tone. Such a letter should always appear like you are actually talking to an individual. In this type of a letter, you can also discuss your problems depending on your friendship level, if required. You can also share the latest happenings of your life and future plans. Depending on the familiarity and closeness of the relationship, you can decide on the content of a letter.

Do’s and Don’ts in Friendship Letters

As said before, depending on the relationship you share with the reader, you can select the content of a letter. But still, there are few things which you need to keep in mind while writing a friendship letter:


  • Select good quality of a letter pad to write such a letter.
  • Directly address the letter to a concerned person.
  • In this type of an informal letter, you can make use of the stylish fonts.
  • You can also consider writing a handwritten letter.
  • You can give an emotional touch to a letter, in the end.


  • Don’t make use of school notes while writing a friendship letter.
  • Don’t star a letter, directly with a comic note but you can start it on a light note. You can add some comic statements but don’t add them in the starting of a friendship letter.
  • Don’t forget to be thankful to your friend for being there for you, when needed.
  • Don’t write anything that can suggest something more than a friendship.

Keep the above-mentioned things in your mind while writing this type of a letter, in order to strengthen your bonding with the reader.

Friendship Letter to Your Very Good Friend

Like family members, even friends are the most important part of life. God has given you the right to select friends and so it is important on your part to maintain the relationship of friendship by writing a friendship letter. By writing a friendship letter, you can make your best friend feel extra special. The letter writing gives you an opportunity to showcase your emotions as well as sentiments. For reluctant people, writing such a letter is a great way to express their emotions. Here are the few tips that can help you to write a friendship letter to your very good friend:

  • You are not writing such a letter to impress anyone and so you can make use of simple as well as easy sentences.
  • The letter should be genuine so that a reader can find it easy to connect to it.
  • You can make use of friendly tone to write such a letter.
  • Use writing method, that can make your letter look natural and familiar.
  • Frame easy sentences by using words as well as phrases that are readable.
  • Say no to melodramatic sentences and avoid using complicated words.

Friendship Letters Straight from your Heart

People can give you the best tips to write a friendship letter but a good letter is the one in which you speak your heart out. There is no need to feel awkward while expressing your feelings to the dearest one in your life. It can become an easy task to add gestures to your friendship letter, that comes straight from the heart. Show your care and express that you are always available for your friend.

The verbal communication may not allow you to speak your heart, but the mode of letter writing can make it possible. A friendship letter should always be written in a personalized manner. To make your letter look special, you can share your happy moments and laughter. Don’t be fake, while writing such a letter because it won’t allow you to strengthen your bond with the reader.

How to Write a Letter to a Friend?

First, Include Date and Address

You can omit writing an address in your friendship letter if you are writing it to a very close friend who knows your address.

Second, Write a Salutation

While writing a salutation, you can make use of first name of the concerned person. You share the relationship of friendship and so can write salutation like:

  • Dear XYZ,
  • Hello, XYZ!
  • Hi XYZ,
  • Dearest XYZ,

Third, Begin with Pleasantries

There is no need to be formal or serious while beginning with a friendship letter. You can give a start to a letter by inquiring about your friend and his or her family. You can start a letter with questions like:

  • How are you doing?
  • How have you been?
  • How are you?

Fourth, Body of a Letter

  • Write about your news
  • Give the latest life updates
  • Share your old memories
  • Include some humour

Fifth, End a Letter

Give warm wishes and greetings while ending a friendship letter.


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