What is a Sponsorship Letter?

To know about the sponsorship letter, first you need to know the exact meaning of the word sponsorship. If you are planning to sponsor something, means you want to support something. This support can be for an event, activity, a person or an organization. The sponsorship can be gained from an individual or a group of person, depending on the situation. In order to ask for sponsorship, you can consider writing a sponsorship letter.

This type of a letter can fall under the category of the personalized letter. An individual or an organization, can write this letter to businesses, requesting for the money or goods or services in exchange of the promotion. In this type of sponsorship, the company products or name are advertised at the event. In sponsorship letter, you should:

  • Give the reason for sponsorship
  • Mention the benefits that a recipient can gain
  • Amount of sponsorship

This type of a letter is also written in order to get the sponsorship for the team. The businesses that are connected to the team, are requested to give sponsorship by means of writing a sponsorship letter. In return, the advertisement of the business is done by adding their logo on the uniform or equipment of the team. Sometimes, even in trophies such logos are added. If you are writing a sponsorship letter for your team, then include the benefits that the sponsor can enjoy in terms of advertisement.

The event organizers, also plan to write such a letter is order to get sponsors for their event. In such a letter, several things are included like:

  • Date of the event
  • Purpose of the event
  • Benefits that the sponsors can get from an event

How to write an effective sponsorship letter?

Do you know that the sponsorship letter is also a kind of the marketing letter? In this type of a letter, the writer has to market or promote his or her strategies related to a particular project. The need of finance plays an important role in such a letter, and so it is important to write it in an effective manner. There are many aspects of life that work with the sponsorship. Here are some of the situations when the sponsorship letter is written:

  • It is written by the nonprofit organizations, in order to ask for the finance to run the organization
  • It is written by the business owner to expand business operations
  • It is written by the students who need finances for the future studies

Whatever type of sponsorship letter you want to write, here are the few tips that you need to follow to write an effective letter:

  • Make use of the words and statements that can narrate the importance of monetary funding.
  • First, carry out proper research work about the company or an organization to whom you are planning to ask for the sponsorship. It is important for you to consider several facts related to sponsorship while selecting your sponsor.
  • It is always advisable to address such a letter to the specific person of the organization who handles all the finances. Sending such a letter in a generalized manner, may not prove to be effective.
  • It is essential to write such a letter in a professional manner. Keep it well-organised so that the reader can find it easy to go through it.
  • Add basic information about your organization and the project on which you are working. It is crucial on your part to add complete details about the project that is relevant.
  • Mention all the activities that are related to the project so that it can become easy for the reader to take the finance related decision.
  • Why you need the fund? Give the right reason because it is very important for the expected sponsor to know more about the funding event.
  • When you are requesting for a sponsorship, it is very important for you to be humble and polite. Make use of the words that can express your gratitude. While requesting for the sponsorship, make use of the positive tone.
  • There is no scope for any kind of errors, so it is important for you to check your letter before mailing or posting it. Proof reading is important, in order to avoid grammar and punctuation error.
  • It is important for you to convince the reader, to believe in you. This is possible when to write a letter with an intent of persuasion.
  • Conclude your letter, by being thankful to the reader for paying attention to your needs.
  • You should enclose your letter with the sponsorship form.

Important aspects related to the sponsorship letter

  • Make use of the positive tone to write this type of a letter.
  • While describing the motto of your organization, don’t make use of the negative words.
  • What are your company goals? Give answer to this question in your letter.
  • Mention sponsorship plans, but don’t add specific amount because the reader may not like it.
  • Let the potential sponsor decide the amount that he or she wants to give in the form of sponsorship.
  • Be confident and persuasive, while writing such a letter.
  • Asking for sponsorship can work in the favour of both the parties, so write the letter accordingly.

Types of sponsorship letter

Here are the different types of sponsorship letter that you can write in different situations:

  • Business sponsorship letter
  • Charity sponsorship letter
  • Sports sponsorship letter
  • Student sponsorship letter
  • Event sponsorship letter
  • Visa sponsorship letter

Whichever type of letter you are planning to write, but ensure that you write it in a professional manner. It is a formal letter and so you should spend proper time on research work before drafting it.

First it is advisable for you to draft a sample letter, so that you can find it easy to rectify the mistakes. Write the letter, keeping in mind the perspective of a reader. It is a tedious task to ask for the sponsorship, but if you show your efficiency in letter writing then it can become easy for you to get the successful results.


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